North Hollywood

North Hollywood

Legacy Builders & Development in North Hollywood offers a wide range of exceptional residential and commercial remodeling and build services.

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Residential Services

With our residential remodeling in North Hollywood, we specialize in bringing your dream home to life. Whether it's a kitchen or bathroom remodel, whole-home renovation, or constructing a custom home, our skilled team will work closely with you to ensure your vision is realized.

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Commercial Services

For commercial clients in North Hollywood, we understand the importance of creating functional and visually appealing spaces. Our expertise extends to tenant improvements, where we can enhance and customize your commercial property to meet specific business needs and aesthetics.

Our Difference

At Legacy Builders & Development we believe that the smallest details matter. We pay meticulous attention to even the tiniest aspects of your project, ensuring that every element is perfectly executed.


If you are interested in our comprehensive residential and commercial build and remodeling services in North Hollywood, call our trusted contractor today.